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1) To have the adequate competency in the field of business operations management and system thinking.

2) To have the adequate competency in mathematics, statistics, and probability in the business context with aside of the main technical topics of database design/ analysis, programming and analytical related fields.

3) To be able to re-engineer business processes using modeling, analytical thinking and design science that learned from knowledge/skills to produce innovative and creative ideas that help in solving real life problems.

4) To be an effective team member during planning, running, and managing IT projects with aside of being able to solve faced problem through experiences and knowledge.

5) To give technical and managerial contributions to IT projects based on researches and take responsibility.

6) To be able to work in the national and international projects and communicate effectively with stakeholders to produce innovative and creative ideas and put these ideas into action to meet IT-related project outcomes.

7) To be able to set the vision, mission and goals of the IT projects, to make necessary decisions, and take responsibility and consequences.

8) To have the contemporary information about IT and its related technologies and follow the innovation of IT products and solutions with the ability to constantly improve his/her knowledge and competences.

9) To be able to learn from previous experiences, previous projects, and colleagues as part of the lifelong learning process.

10) To use critical thinking to solve problems that appears in the workspace.

11) To understand the role of different actors involved in the IT projects and communicate effectively with them using different means of communication tools and technologies .

12) To open channels with the technical persons as well as persons who are managing the business for the benefit of information sharing and solidarity.

13) To express his / her professional communication in the IT field by using all kinds of communication tools (written and verbal) in English.

14) To be aware that MIS is a multidisciplinary field related to other disciplines which is affected by the professional, institutional and managerial ethics in the local, national and global terms and by the social rights, social justice, quality and cultural values, environmental protection, and workplace health and safety.

15) To have the ability to plan, coordinate, and manage MIS projects by taking care about the different stakeholders in both individual and group levels in an innovative manner to accomplish job duties and create solutions using critical thinking.