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Dear Students,

The management information systems, which form the basis of the information age, are discussed more inclusively and more deeply in the world and in our country, find different fields of application and therefore gain importance quickly and affect many fields. It is for sure that the need for management information systems will be much more in the future.

The aim of our university's Management Information Systems department is to educate graduates who are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and can be successful in competitive environment at national and international level. To gain students indicated skills, in addition to theoretical education, homework, projects, laboratory and presentation studies, which requires implementation and/or team-work in the courses, are given and compulsory dissertation/capstone projects are also included in our education programs. Thus, our students find the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills, that they obtained during their learnings, to the concrete problems. In addition, many different elective courses in our curriculum allow students to pursue their careers in various fields after graduation. Some of our students have the opportunity to do double major or minor in especially one of the departments of our faculty.

Our department's personnel consist of competent, equipped and dynamic scientists who have taken their education from outstanding universities in our country and the world. In this sense, our department ranks high among the similar departments in other universities in terms of its teaching staff competence. In this way, our students have a substantial MIS infrastructure by taking education from the professional and outstanding faculty members.

Today, since English is the universal language especially in the field of informatics and information technologies, knowing this language has become a necessity rather than being an option for the workers of this field. Due to this reason, in our department, which aims to educate qualified experts at national and international levels, the language of instruction is 100% English. All courses are taught in English and all education activities are carried out in English. The students, who have won the department, are required to take a foreign language proficiency test at the School of Foreign Languages of our university and If necessary, they must attend to one-year English Preparatory Program.  Our students, who are taught in %100 English, are easily able to find opportunity to work abroad as well as in our country, and also have the opportunity to easily have post-graduate education in universities providing education in English in both Turkey and abroad. In addition to this, with the advantage of having 100% English as an education language in our department, our students have the chance to take courses in universities in which we have agreements and to gain international experience within the scope of student exchange programs.

Our students, who complete our undergraduate program designed to meet the needs of today with an innovative viewpoint, gain multidisciplinary expertise and easily find jobs in all kinds of institution/foundation and companies and many different sectors (public, banking, telecommunication, logistics, health, tourism etc.).

We would like to invite you, our esteemed candidate students, who want to take qualified and modern MIS education, to join the family of Bakırçay University, Department of MIS. For more information, you may look into our web page deeply and may contact our department or visit our department at any time you wish.